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Problems with Facebook Locations? 5 reasons why your application was rejected

by | Jul 21, 2016

Last May I published a blog post about the benefits of using Facebook Locations. Several people reached out to me asking for help, because their applications got rejected. Actually, an American entrepreneur, founder of a sushi restaurant chain even gave me access to its Facebook Business Manager. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to help him, which kinda annoyed me, so I spent 2 days playing around to try to understand why my applications to Facebook Locations usually get accepted, while others are struggling so much. Below I sum up my learnings and a couple of recommendations that you may want to read before to apply for Locations.

What follows is a series of suggestions, based on some common patterns identified across the pages on which I could successfully claim Locations.

Don’t play around with the application form

Apply only when you’re sure that your Page meets the requirements that follow. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that getting it right at first may help. So, do not play around with the application form, take your time and be patient.

Claim your username

My successful applications were related to Pages that previously claimed a username. In order to be eligible for a username, your Page must have at least 100 fans. You can discover if you already claimed a username by visiting About > Username, as page admin.

Publish your Page

Before to apply for Facebook Locations, make sure that your Page is published. If your Page is unpublished, publish it and submit your application. Once Locations is active, you can unpublish your Page again, if desired.

Get some fans

If your Page is brand new, calm down your desire to list multiple locations on your Facebook Page. All my applications for new Pages with 0 to 300 Likes, got immediately rejected.

Choose the proper Page category

I’d like to test this further, but so far I could activate Locations on Pages categorized as Local Business or Place / Company, Organization or Institution / Brand or Product. Others did not work well for me.

Should you claim your Page in Business Manager prior to apply for Facebook multiple locations? Not really, in my experience it made no difference.

In addition, be aware that all my Pages are connected to an Ad Account, used to run advertisement campaigns.


Some of my Pages, including Locations, are listed below. Others are not listed, as I never implemented Locations following the activation, which was done purely for this test.

L’occitane En Provence, Colors & Senses20/Vin, DoritosL’Ebeniste, Bourjois, CareerHub, Lay’s

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