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Facebook Retargeting: How to keep your Email Custom Audiences Sync

by | Jul 16, 2016

Getting leads is important, but if you don’t exploit them at best, the effort you put in lead generation may not be justified. If you do advanced facebook marketing, you’re probably using your leads to create email custom audiences for facebook retargeting and audience exclusions.

Email custom audiences are created by manually uploading to facebook your lists of email. As your lists grow up, so should do your email custom audiences, but unfortunately that’s not the case, at least you update them all manually, which may take lots of time, everyday. First you need to manually download leads from your email marketing service, then you must sync each of your email custom audiences by uploading the most updated email lists. Personally, I prefer to automate these kind of annoying tasks to free up time to dedicate to valuable things, or to go to the beach: God bless Mauritius!

I use to Sync2CRM to sync my custom audiences with my MailChimp lists. I admit it, their landing isn’t sexy at all, but I loved the service. In fact, I loved it so much that I emailed the founder, Kim Snider, to tell her to get Sync2CRM a landing page that makes justice to the application! She’s a smart lady, we exchanged some emails and she appreciated my interest actually.

Sync2CRM is simple to setup and speed and reliability are optimal. That’s what I do appreciate about this application. I hope new features are coming soon. The video below shows how I synced one of my custom audiences to a MailChimp list, using Sync2CRM.

How to sync Facebook Custom Audiences with CRMSync Facebook Custom Audiences with CRM >

Posted by Marco’s Digital Marketing on Saturday, July 23, 2016

Below you can find other services that I considered and eventually tried. Based on my specific case, below I explain what didn’t work for me:

Driftrock. I discovered the service thanks to Jon Loomer, but it wasn’t necessary for me to try it. It seems to be a powerful service, but entry price is far away from what I am looking for. Minimum monthly fee is £200.

AdEspresso. AdEspresso is a quite interesting application. It is designed to help you easily optimize facebook ads and it recently added custom audience sync as part of its monthly plan, starting at $49.

SyncSumo. Service may be good, but I personally disliked the interface and how data is displayed. Pricing is good and they offer a free trial, so give it a look eventually.

LeadsBridge. This is another one that I didn’t had to try. Service seems to be fresh and cool. Pricing is competitive. Unfortunately, the free trial last 7 days only, and requires credit card. It is then your responsibility to opt-out within 7 days if you do not want to be charged $348*! Well, that’s because LeadsBridge works on an annual subscription.

* I do need to manage more than 3 facebook ad accounts, which requires Hero plan. In case you have one facebook ad account only, annual subscription is $156.

Zapier. This is another cool service. Unfortunately, it only allows you to sync lead ads to your email marketing services, but I cannot see any solution to sync facebook custom audiences. Maybe coming soon.

And you, do you sync your custom audiences? What app have you tried?

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