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Messenger: Codes to chat? Give me more, Facebook!

by | Jun 12, 2016 | Facebook Marketing Tutorials | 0 comments

Facebook Messenger Codes

I am thrilled about Messenger Codes. In April, the chat service by facebook started to roll out 2 interesting features, Messenger Links and Messenger Codes.

Links: Messenger Links allows you to create a link that opens a conversation on Messenger, either with a person or a business page of your choice. It is super simple: Use this link, but replace “username” with the one of the person or business you’d like people to chat with. My personal username is @marcobigatton, so feel free to test the link by dropping me a note to say that you visited my blog!

Needs help to find your username? Read this guide (soon available)

Codes: Messenger Codes thrilled me! The purpose is the same – help people to start a chat with a person or a business – but the potential is huge! You may have noticed a bizarre drawing surrounding your profile photo in Messenger mobile app. Well, that’s your code. For business pages, you can download an high resolution version for traditional marketing supports. As page Admin, visit your page on a desktop computer, go to the Messages tab, click on the info icon on the left hand corner of your inbox and download the code.

messenger links and codes1

Now open the Messenger app, go to the People tab and tap on Scan Code. You can scan people or businesses’ codes printed or displayed on any support, included someone else’s mobile phone.

Why does Messenger Codes thrill me?

Well, to be honest I am not so thrilled about scanning codes to open chats! That’s clearly a great feature, but does not excite me that much. What thrilled me is how facebook is starting to give signs of what’s may come next. The idea of using codes is not new, QR codes exist from years. But Facebook can solve what prevented QR codes to fly. The issue is that QR codes (A) Needs specific apps to be scanned (B) Can direct users only to webpages, and (C) They look tremendously horrible! If you’d be a brand, would you like to be represented by a QU code? Come on, let’s be serious!

(A) Facebook has a huge scale instead. Approximately a billion people use Messenger, so the app is in their phones already. If you think about the facebook app, active users should be even higher. (B) In my opinion Facebook marketing is still at early stages, the potential is huge. Instead of sending people to webpages only, facebook has the potential to natively do much more interesting things. Think about being able to claim multiple codes for your business, and use them to collect leads or subscribe someone to your newsletter or take a questionnaire. Still we are scraping the surface. Codes could be used in product packaging to provide information, suggest apps, and virtually anything you may think. (C) Compared to QR codes, Messenger Codes are quite nice and colorful. Profile picture or business brand image positioned in the center lets it clear who you are going to connect with. And the Messenger branding may build trust and help consumers to feel safe while using the code.

If it happens, facebook would position itself in a unique position. I mean, if you can get people to scan product codes for any reason, you can get tons of information to profile them with laser precision. People are happy and get new useful services, Facebook keeps growing its database of information and Brands can spend money targeting people more accurately. Now a day Facebook Marketing happens online and stay online. Codes excite me because they have the potential to smoothly create a bridge between digital and traditional marketing.

And you, what do you think about Messenger Codes? Leave a comment

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