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Facebook Check In: Boost your check ins with Facebook Locations

by | Jun 5, 2016

Recently I posted about Facebook Locations, a Facebook native feature that helps people to discover the location of your physical shops. Today I’ll share some thoughts about how Locations could also help you to improve the number, and the quality, of check-ins at your local shops.

We must acknowledge that some people just love to check-in at places, and whether you care about it or not, they will continue doing so. If your business has physical shops, you can expect someone to check-in soon – even if you do not have a Facebook Page! – so be smart and capitalise on those actions, at least.

Here’s how it works, in an example. Among other things, I do manage the Facebook Pages of L’Occitane Mauritius and Colors & Senses, a group of shops that sell cosmetics. L’Occitane Mauritius does not implement Locations (yet) in its Facebook Page, while C&S does. I made a test to see how easy it was for me to check-in at each business.

As you can see from the video, searching L’Occitane only shows “L’Occitane Caudan” as available check-in. Caudan is the place where the brand opened its first store in Mauritius and that check-in is not an official one: L’Occitane Caudan is an unofficial Page automatically created by Facebook, probably because over the years, people expressed interest in checking-in at that shop. L’Occitane recently opened a new shop at Bagatelle Mall, which one again is not available to check-in, so expect to see an Unofficial Page popping up soon. Why does this happen? Well that’s because we did not implement Locations, nor we created a Facebook Page for each store on the island.

When it gets to C&S, discover store locations, leave reviews or check-in at any store is just another story. As I start to type-in “Colors”, the 3 local shops available are displayed on top of the list, ordered by proximity. It is sufficient a tap to check me in.

Implementing Facebook Locations requires that you precisely list your shop addresses and create a Store Page for each. This ensure that all your local businesses are properly registered on Facebook. There is more actually: Each Store Page will provide you insights about who’s visiting your place and, cool enough, about who’s hanging out around it. Last but not least, Locations allows you to run local awareness ads.

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So, let’s recap: Make sure that your business locations are properly registered on Facebook. You can opt to create a Facebook Page for each store, leaving behind some cool features, or to implement Facebook Locations. Clearly, if your business has only one physical shop, then forget about all of this, and simply use the “address” area in your About page.


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